General terms and conditions

1. Basic Provisions
1.1. Bet - an agreement on a prize, concluded between the client and the betting company, according to the rules, the outcome of this agreement depends on the event, about which it is not known, there will come or not. Admission rates from clients takes place on the terms offered by the bookmaker.

1.2. Exodus - the result event (s) on which to bet.

1.3. Client - a person making a bet in the betting on the outcome of events.

1.4. Line - a set of events, possible outcomes of these events, the odds on the possible outcomes of these events, their date and time, after which the betting company stops receiving bets on the outcome of these events.

1.5. Cancellation rates - an event for which the calculation and payment of winning are not made. In the case of "bid cancellation", according to the terms of this Agreement, the deal between the organizer and the customer is not concluded and the rate of such refund is made.

1.6. The main time of the match - it is the length of the match in accordance with the rules of competition in the sport, including stoppage time. Regular time does not include the additional time, overtimes, penalty shootout, shootout, etc.

1.7. All bets are settled on the basis of information provided by the processing center.

1.8. When calculating the winning participant wager is obliged to check the correctness of the accrued gain, and in case of disagreement on the accrued gain notify bookmakers on this, stating in handling your account number, date, time, event, amount of selected outcome of an event, the coefficient, as well as reasons for disagreeing with accrued gain. All claims for accrued winnings are accepted within 10 (ten) days.

1.9. Bet made by the client to a specific outcome of an event, considered to be won if correctly predicted all outcomes specified in this rate.

1.10. Reception conditions rates (ratios, odds, totals, the maximum rate limit, etc.) can be changed following any rate, the conditions previously made rates remain unchanged. Before the conclusion of the agreement the client must find out all changes in the current line.

1.11. The bets made on the event, the outcome of which is known at the time of rate can be calculated with a coefficient of "1".

1.12. In accordance with this Agreement in the event of a dispute arising between the customer (party to the agreement) and the betting company on matters relating to the execution and implementation of the agreement between the customer (party to the agreement) and the betting company agreements benefit, including the payment of winnings on the outcome event, odds, on the other essential terms of the agreement, as well as on the recognition of agreements not concluded or invalid, the parties set Mandatory flax Complaint settlement of a disagreement (pretrial procedure).

1.13. Claim filed within ten (10) days from the date on which the person knew or should have known about the violation of their rights. By the claim must be accompanied by all the arguments and evidence to support and justify the claimed its requirements. In the absence of sufficient to substantiate a claim claim specified requirements be returned without consideration.

1.14. In the case of human error when receiving rates (obvious typing errors in the proposed list of events, discrepancy of coefficients in the line and the rate, etc.), during the retreat of this Regulation when taking bets, as well as other arguments confirming incorrectness betting bookmaker reserves the right to declare the stakes invalid in such conditions. at this rate payment is made with a coefficient of "1".

1.15. In the event of a suspicion of unsporting nature of the games the company has the right to suspend betting on a sporting event, until the final conclusion of an international organization, and to recognize the stakes invalid in the case of establishing the fact unsportsmanlike struggle. at this rate payment is made with a coefficient of "1". The administration is not obliged to submit the participants wager evidence and conclusions.

1.16. If in our rates was an obvious mistake, this rate will be calculated in accordance with the final outcome on the current ratio, corresponding to the Marketa.

1.17. Bookmaker company does not accept claims for discrepancies with transliteration (translation from foreign languages) team names, player names, competition venues. All the information given on the title of the tournament, is auxiliary. Possible errors in this information are not grounds for return rates.

1.18. The Company reserves the right to close the betting account and cancel all made on this account rate, if it is determined that the participant bet when setting rates had information about an event. At the same time, the betting company administration is not obliged to present the participants wager evidence and conclusions.

2. Basic rules for accepting bets
2.1. Bookmaker company has the right to limit the maximum rate, the coefficients for individual events and also to limit or raise the maximum bet, factors specific to the client without notice and without explanation.

2.2. Admission repeated bets on the outcome of one or a combination of outcomes from one player may be limited by the decision bookmaker companies.

2.3. A bet is valid after it is registered on the server and issue an online confirmation. Registered bet repeal or amendment shall not be.

2.4. Bids will only be accepted in the amount not exceeding the current balance of the customer account. After registering bets bet amount is debited from the account. Calculated rates of the winning amount is entered in the client's account.

2.5. Bids will be accepted until the start of the event; date, time of event and the comments associated with them listed in the line are indicative. If for any reason a bet is placed after the actual start of the event, such a bet is void. The exception is betting on live-events, ie, rate during the match. Such bets will be valid until the end of the match.

2.6. Bids LINE LIVE and can not be edited or removed, except in special cases provided for in these rules.

2.7. If the rate is subject to cancellation, then the single-rate refund is made. The expression rate of cases for one or more events, the calculation of these events, winning is not made.

2.8. In cases incorrectly calculated rates (e.g., due to erroneously entered results) such rates are allocated. In this case, the bets made between the wrong calculation and recalculation, are considered valid. If, after recalculation of the player's balance was negative, he can not bid until you replenish your account.

2.9. All sporting events will be deemed waived and transferred only with information from official documents of the organization conducting the sports competitions, official sites of the sports federations, sports clubs websites and other sources of sports information, and based on these data are adjusted to the specified line sporting events.

2.10. The rate is subject to cancellation if the customer deliberately misled the staff (employees bookmaker company), providing them with false information and requirements for admission rates, payment of winning, the result of events and other information and requirements, have such a character. The above cases also applies to minors under 18 years of age and their parents.

2.11. The rate is subject to cancellation if the bet is placed on the outcome of a well-known (the event occurred, but the result is not updated in the system).

3. Types of bets
3.1. Single - bet on the outcome of a separate event. The gain of the single rate equal to the product of the amount bet on the outcome specified for this ratio.

3.2. Express - a bet on a number of independent outcomes of events. Winning By Express is the product of the amount bet on the coefficients of all the outcomes included in the Express. Losing one of the outcomes Express means a loss throughout the express.

4. Restrictions on inclusion of some outcomes of events
4.1. The expression can include only one of the dependent outcome. If included in one express two or more dependent events, events are eliminated with the least coefficient of this Express.

4.2. Dependent outcomes (interdependent events) - the result of one part of the bet affects the outcome of the other part.

4.3. Betting on the event "The team to score a penalty Yes / No" are considered to be lost if the main game time has not been assigned a penalty.

4.4. Betting on the event "How is scored", "Next goal" are considered lost if the goal of which is specified in the room rate, was not blocked.


5. Method of rates during the match (live-rate)
5.1. Live-bets are accepted on the primary and secondary outcomes. You can make single live-betting, and merge them into a single express.

5.2. A bet is accepted after the registration on the server and issuing online confirmation. Adopted by the rate can not be changed. In the event of the circumstances referred to in the "Basic rates admission rules" can live-calculated rate by a factor of "1".

5.3. Bookmaker company is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the current results of the matches and displaying the names of athletes and teams titles, which are accepted live-bet. Customers need to use also other independent sources of information.

5.4. Live betting can not be edited or deleted.


6. Results of matches, the date and time of their inception, the procedure for resolving disputes
6.1. Rates calculation may be revised in connection with the incorrect results given by the bookmaker.

6.2. In calculating the rates taken into account the actual start time of the event, which is tentatively determined based on the official documents of the organizations conducting sporting events, and if there are no such approved documentation, is based on the official websites of sports federations, sports clubs websites and other sports information sources.

6.3. Bookmaker company is not responsible for the discrepancy date and time of the actual beginning of the event. Date and time of the events referred to in the line are indicative. In calculating the rates the factual start of event which is determined on the basis of official documents of the organization holding the competition.

6.4. Bookmaker company is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the championship title, duration of matches (sports events). Data shown in the line and live, are indicative. Customers need to use other independent sources of information to clarify for sport event data.

6.5. Claims resulting from events taken within 10 calendar days from the date of completion of the event in the presence of official documents by the result of the events of the organization conducting the competition.

6.6. Bets made after the start of the event, are calculated with the coefficient "1" (except for live-rates); in the expression at such rates coefficient is assumed to be "1".

6.7. If the customer has made a bet on the event, which he result was known, this rate is subject to cancellation. In this case, the decision is taken by a bookmaker after a special closed investigation. All actions in respect of such a rate is temporarily suspended.

6.8. If the party refuses to fight before the event, then all bets on that participant will be void.

6.9. If the participant for any reason (injury, refusal, etc.) is eliminated in the course of the competition, all bets placed before the start of the last round or stage of the competition in which he was considered valid and the remaining bets are void.

6.10. If a participant, member of the team (football, hockey, basketball, etc.) did not participate in the match odds of winnings made on him is "1", unless otherwise specified.

6.11. If a tennis match refusal (disqualification) occurred before the start of the match odds betting is accepted equal to "1", except bets on the result of the participant in the competition. If a tennis match is interrupted, not completed on the same day and postponed, the bets remain valid until the end of the tournament in which the match is held, until the match is abandoned during play or does not happen a failure of one of the participants ..

6.12. If an event (match or comparison pfu) indicated one pair of participants (teams, athletes), and subsequently part of the pair is changed, then all bets on this event are canceled.

6.13. In the team competition, the replacement of one or more participants in any team for any reason, bets on the outcome of the whole match remain valid.

6.14. In doubles matches, if the composition of vapor, replacing at least one of the participants at the rate odds will be equal to "1"; if the composition is not specified, bets will stand.

6.15. In competitions where the conceptions "home" and "away", in the case of transferring the event: on neutral ground, the bets remain valid; on the other team field, the bets remain valid.

6.16. If the concept of "hosts" and "guests" do not apply to events (such as singles and doubles sports), changing the venue of the event all bets remain valid.

6.17. NBA teams, NHL, AHL, CHL, OHL, WHL, Hockey League eastern coast of North America can be arranged in direct sequence (the owners - the guests), and in the back. In the case of a refund is not made at the rate of reverse position.

6.18. In friendly matches, club friendly tournaments at the change of venue of the event all bets remain valid.

6.19. Sports or situations for which there is no separate description features reception and calculation rates, subject to the general rules.

6.20. In disputed situations not having a precedent, the final decision is taken by the bookmaker.

6.21. In case of discrepancy of data from various sources of information (date, time, results, team name) betting company suspended payment of a prize to the full proceedings of such data authenticity. If the result of the completed event, presented on the official website, will be different from the television broadcast, the Company reserves the right to make the calculation according to the television broadcast.

6.22. In the event of a program error output coefficients and the recognition of this error now, all bets on these events are considered to be the winning and the payout rate is made with the odd "1".


7. Parties
7.1. All points of the Agreement, including the pronouns "we", "us", "our" or the "Company" refer to the Company, to which the customer signs a contract in accordance with paragraph 1 above.


8. Changing conditions
8.1. For several reasons, namely: commercial, legal, as well as for reasons related to customer service, we have the right to make any changes to the Agreement. Actual points of the Agreement and the date of entry into force of presence on the site. The client is personally responsible for reviewing the existing agreements. The Company has the right to make changes to the work website at any time and without prior notice to customers.

8.2. In case of disagreement c changes to the points of the Agreement the Client shall stop using the Website. Continued use of the Website after the entry into force of the amended paragraphs of the Agreement will be deemed complete its adoption, regardless of whether the client has received a notification or find out about the changes of the new agreement.

9. The right to demand
9.1. Persons under 18 years of age or age (hereinafter - the age limit), which is mandatory for legal participation in gambling under the law of a particular jurisdiction, it is forbidden to use the website. Use of the Website by persons under the age limit is a direct violation of the Agreement. In this regard, we have the right to request documents that can confirm the age of the client. The client may be denied access to services, and the action of his account may be suspended if we do not demand to be brought evidence that the age of the Customer's compliance with the tolerance.

9.2. Online gambling is illegal in some jurisdictions. Accepting the Agreement, the Client acknowledges that the Company is unable to provide guarantees or legal advice regarding the legitimacy of the use of the Website in a jurisdiction in which the customer is located. We can not say that the services the web site do not violate the laws of the Customer's jurisdiction. The client uses the services of the website on their own, and assumes full responsibility, is well aware of all possible risks.

9.3. We do not seek and do not intend to provide services to the Client that violate the laws of its jurisdiction. Accepting the Agreement, the Customer represents and warrants that the use of the web site conforms to the laws and regulations in force in the territory of his jurisdiction. We are not responsible for the unlawful use of the services of the web site.

9.4. For legal reasons, we do not accept customers from the following countries:

9.4.1. The absolute limit applies to the United States, Canada, the UK, Spain, France and Italy. Persons residing or staying in the territory of these countries are not allowed to open an account or make money on the Internet site. The list of jurisdictions may be changes, and they can be produced by the Company, without prior notice to customers. You agree that you will not open an account or transfer it funds in the territory of one of the above jurisdictions.

9.4.2. Black list. In addition to paragraph 9.4.1, all NetEnt games are prohibited in the following countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Australia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Guyana, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Laos, Miyanma, Namibia, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Serbia, Singapore, South Korea, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Uganda, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Portugal and Romania .

9.4.3. Branded gaming site. Games Guns & Roses, Jimi Hendrix and Motörhead are not served in the following countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Albania, Angola, Gabon, Gondung, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Iran, Kuwait, Laos, Myanmar, Namibia, Nicaragua, Panama, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Uganda, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Spain, United States of America , Azerbaijan, China, India, Malaysia, Qatar, Russia, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine. Games' universal monsters "(Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula, The Curse of the Phantom, the Creature from the Black Lagoon and the Invisible Man), are served only in the following countries: Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Georgia, Iceland, Liechtenstein , Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Croatia, Macedonia, Turkey, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Peru , Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden and.

9.4.4. The combined area of ​​the jackpot is not maintained in the following countries: Australia, Azerbaijan, China, Denmark, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Qatar, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE and Ukraine.

9.5. Bids will not be accepted:

9.5.1. in individuals who are participants in the events on which bets are made (athletes, coaches, referees, clubs owners or functionaries and other persons who have the opportunity to influence the outcome of an event), as well as the persons acting on their behalf;

9.5.2. the persons representing the interests of other bookmakers;

9.5.3. other persons whose participation in the agreement with bookmakers is prohibited by applicable law.

9.6. Responsibility for violation of paragraph 9.5 of this Agreement, the participant bears the bet. In case of violation of this Agreement, Betting Company reserves the right to withhold payment of any winnings or return of the deposited amount, as well as to cancel any bets. Bookmaker company assumes no liability as to exactly when it became known that a customer enters one of these categories of persons. This means that the bookmaker is entitled to take such measures at any time after it became known that the client is one of the designated persons.

9.7. If a participant wagers commits fraud against the betting companies (multi-account, use the software to automate betting game on arbitration situations where the game account is not used for betting, abuse of loyalty programs, etc.), the bookmaker reserves the right to stop such fraudulent activities by:

 cancellation rates;
 closing the member's account wagering with cash return, without saving on the expense account as a deposit;
 appeal to the law enforcement agencies such participant bet on the fact of fraud.
9.8. In the event of such action on our part, indicated in p.9.7, we are committed to send a notification to the Customer at the address specified in the contact information and return to the Client funds deposited to your account in full.

10. Opening an account
10.1. In order to get access to all basic services website, you need to open an account. For this purpose, the Customer may make registration in the "1-click" or provide your e-mail address and choose a password, which will later be used to log in to a game account, as well as additionally required to provide personal information: name, phone number and date of birth.

10.2. To confirm the authenticity of the information the Company has the right to request proof of identity of the Client, as well as confirmation of payment details, which have been used in the commission of all transactions on the site. Over 14 workers from the receipt of the requested data to the Client shall be notified of the results of verification of information provided to them.

10.2.1 As part of the verification procedures, the security officer can initiate additional verification via videoconference. Within 3 working days the Customer will be notified of the results of the videoconference.

 10.3 In the event of failure of the verification procedure, the Company has the right to block the Customer's account as long as the verification is not passed.

10.4. The Client confirms that the registration on the website have complete and accurate information about yourself, and if it there will be any changes, Customer will promptly bring them to your profile. Failure or neglect of this rule may result in restriction, suspension or account suspension, and may void platezhey̆.

10.5. If you have any questions or problems when registering on the website, the Customer may contact support online chat or make a phone call - 8 (800) 301-77-89 (round).

10.6. Each client can open on the website only one account. The rest of the open customer account will be treated as redundant. We have the right to close such accounts and:

10.6.1. invalidate all the operations performed using duplicate accounts;

10.6.2. Customers do not return all the deposits and bets placed with primary and backup accounts;

10.6.3. demand the return of all winnings, bonuses and cash received when using the backup account. The client is obliged to return them on our first demand.


11. Proof of identity. Anti-money laundering
11.1. By accepting this Agreement, the Customer agrees, agrees and warrants that:

11.1.1. The client is 18 years of age or number of years, enough to be considered an age limit, giving a legal right to participate in gambling without breaking the law of a particular jurisdiction;

11.1.2. Client - a full and rightful owner of all funds in your account. All information provided by the Client is true, it is true, current and accurate;

11.1.3. The client is fully aware that the use of the Internet website may lead to the loss of cash, the customer assumes full responsibility for any possible losses. Client confirms that uses the Internet site of their own accord, and the decision on your own risk. The customer has no right to bring the Company any claims related to its loss and loss;

11.1.4. The client clearly understands the general principles, rules and procedures for the provision of services and the specifics of the game on the Internet. Customer acknowledges that it has the responsibility to ensure the correctness of the data rates and games. The client agrees not to take actions and actions that could harm the Company's reputation.

11.2. Taking the terms of the Agreement, the Customer gives us the right to arrange periodic inspections (at our discretion either by a third party request, including competent authorities) to confirm the identity of clients and the reliability of such information.

 11.3 Accepting terms of the Agreement, the Customer gives us the right to be informed by all available means the client company about the news,

events, actions and results.

11.4. During the checks may be limited opportunity to withdraw funds from the Customer's account.

11.5. If the examination is established that the falsity of the information provided, it will be regarded as a violation of the terms of the Agreement, which, in turn, gives us the right to immediately close the account of the Client or refuse the use of the services of the web site, in addition to other activities at our discretion .

11.6. If we can not confirm that the client has reached age limit, then we will have the right to suspend the Customer's account. If the age of the clients was less than the allowable at the time of participation in the operations on the website, then:

11.6.1. Customer account is closed;

11.6.2. funds held in the account will be refunded, and all cash transactions made during this period, will be declared invalid;

11.6.3. all bets are committed during this period, they will be canceled and returned;

11.6.4. the amount of winnings received during the period when the age of the clients was less than the allowable, will be declared invalid. The customer shall, upon our first request to return to us all the funds derived from the gaming account.


12. User name, password and security
12.1. After opening an account on the website, the Customer is obliged to keep his user name and password confidential and not disclose such information to third parties. In case of loss of data required to obtain access to the account, they can be found or recovered, by clicking on "Reset Password".

12.2. The client is responsible for the safety of the password, as well as all transactions made from his account. In addition, the Customer is responsible for all damages incurred as a result of third party actions.

12.3. In the case of security breaches and unauthorized access to the account, the Client shall immediately notify the Company. If necessary, the client is obliged to present the Company's evidence that unauthorized access actually occurred. The Company is not responsible for damage received by the client as a result of improper or careless use of a username and password by third parties or unauthorized access to the account.

13. Deposits placement and withdrawal of funds from the account
13.1. To bet on the Website, the Customer must be placed on his account a sum of money.

13.2. Customer acknowledges and agrees that:

13.2.1. funds deposited on a gaming account was not received by illegal or prohibited;

13.2.2. will not give up the committed transactions will not deny or cancel payments made, which may become a reason for a refund to a third party and allow it to escape from legal responsibility.

13.3. We do not accept cash from a third party: friends, relatives or partners. Operation of the input and output of funds are only allowed with payment, registered in the name of the Client. In case of violations of this provision - all winnings can be confiscated.

13.4. In case of bank transfer the request to return the money to its rightful owner, all the costs and fees are paid for by the recipient.

13.5. We do not accept payment in cash. We can use for electronic payments, including payments and paying customers, a variety of organizations involved in the processing of electronic payments or financial institutions. Except in cases where the terms and conditions of these institutions do not contradict the terms of the Agreement, the Customer fully accepts these rules.

13.6. Customer agrees not to refuse, annul or revoke a transaction carried out with the participation of his account. In addition, in each of these cases, the client is obliged to return or compensate the Company an amount not allocated funds, inclusive of the costs that we may incur in collecting customer deposits.

13.7. We have the right to block the Customer's account and cancel the payment and collect winnings in the event of a suspicion we have as to what account replenishment was made fraudulently. We have the right to notify the relevant authorities of the fraudulent activities with payments and illegal activities. We have the right to use the services of collection agencies to refund. The Company is not responsible for the unauthorized use of credit cards, irrespective of whether it has been declared or not stealing them.

13.8. We have the right to use the Client's positive account balance to repay a sum of money, which the Client shall indemnify the Company. In particular, in cases of repeated bets or wagers, paragraph 15 ( "Conspiracy, actions, misleading, fraudulent and criminal activity) or paragraph 19 (" Errors and omissions ").

13.9. The client is fully aware of and accepts the fact that the game account is not a bank account. Therefore, in relation to it is not valid security methods, recruitment, guarantees and other ways of protection of the deposit insurance system and other security systems. On the money to your account does not accrue interest.

13.10. The client has the right to request the withdrawal of money from the account, provided that:

13.10.1. All payments received on account, have been tested, and none of them has been canceled or revoked;

13.10.2. inspection activities have been carried out properly.

13.11. When making an application for withdrawal of funds from the account, it is important to consider the following points:

13.11.1. Game profile must be completely filled. And also, if the client was registered using the "1-click" personal profile it is necessary to replace the e-mail address;

13.11.2. If the amount requested to output exceeds the total amount of funds in the amount of 50'000r findings, the mandatory procedure of identification will be carried out. For its implementation, the client needs to send us a copy or a digital photo of the identity document of the Customer. When funding the account with a credit card, you must send a copy of the image on both sides of the card. The card number must be visible the first six and last four digits, CVV2 code can be painted over;

13.11.3. O to 5000 rubles amount is paid to the account of the customer from 1-60 minutes from the time of application, except for technical failure of the bank or payment system.

13.11.4. The sum output from 5000 rubles paid to the account of the customer for 5 days from the time of filing.

13.11.5. There are other delays up to 3 days depending on the bank or other payment system.

13.11.6. Other ways to display the winning funds are negotiated separately with the Administration Web site.

13.11.7. Withdrawal is only possible to accounts, payment cards or systems that are registered in the Client's name. In case of violations of this provision - all winnings can be confiscated.

13.12. The Company does not provide services for cash exchange. We have the right to close such accounts and:

13.12.1. hold a commission in the amount of our costs for the withdrawal of funds, not involved in the game;

13.12.2. to invalidate all operations, conducted using primary and redundant accounts;

13.12.3. Customers do not return all deposits made with the primary and duplicate accounts.

 13.13 To enable cash withdrawal requires the player to make a bet with odds of at least 1.1 in an amount not less than 100% of every deposit or not less than 100% of each make a deposit to use (to start playing, to use) in the Casino games, or Live-games)

 13.14 In case the player's account was not committed enough game activity specified in paragraph 13.13, the derivation of cash Betting company has the right to keep the costs to the customer's payment system commission (up to 15% per transaction).

14. Terms and conditions for the Company's services
14.1. You agree to pay for all the services and / or goods or other additional services ordered by you on the Website, as well as all additional costs (if required), including, but not limited to, all kinds of taxes, duties and so on. D. You are solely responsible for the timely payment of all fees. The provider of payment services provides only payments in the designated Web site and the amount shall not be liable for the payment by the user of the Website aforementioned additional amounts. After clicking the "Billing" button, it is believed that the payment has been processed, and made it permanently. By clicking the "Billing" button, you agree that you will not be able to cancel a payment or to demand its withdrawal. By placing an order on the Website, you acknowledge and point out that do not violate the laws of any state. Additionally,

14.2. If you are using the services of web sites offering such specific services as a gaming service, you provide a legally binding confirmation that you have reached or already exceeded the age of majority, which is legally permitted in your jurisdiction in order to use the services provided by the Website .

14.3. Starting to use the services of the Website, you assume legal responsibility for compliance with the laws of any state that uses this service, and confirm that the provider of payment services shall not be liable for any illegal or unauthorized similar infringement. By agreeing to use the services of the Website, you acknowledge and agree that the treatment of any of your payments are made payment service provider, and there is no legal right to return already purchased services and / or products or other opportunities cancel payment. If you want to refuse the service for the next purchase services and / or goods, you can deactivate the service by using the Personal account on the Website.

14.4. The provider of payment services shall not be liable for failure / inability to process the data associated with your credit card, or for refusal related to non-receipt from the issuing bank permission to carry out the payment using your credit card. The provider of payment services shall not be liable for the quality, volume and price of any services and / or goods, the proposed second to you or purchased by you on the Website using your charge card. Paying for any services and / or products of the Website, you, first of all, bound by the rules of use of the Website. Please note that only you, as the owner of a payment card, are responsible for the timely payment of any services and / or goods you have ordered through the Web site and all associated with this pay additional charges / commission.

14.5. In the event of a situation related to your disagreement with the above conditions and / or other factors, kindly ask you to refuse to make a payment and, if necessary, apply directly to the administrator / support website.

15. Collusion, actions, misleading, fraudulent and criminal activity 
15.1. The Company does not recommend betting customer groups with the same IP-address or from the same local network as well as by prior agreement. The above actions can be regarded as collusion, fraud, actions, misleading.

15.2. The company assumes no liability as to exactly when it became known or subsequently determined that the bet was concluded with violation of the rules. We have the right to close such accounts and:

15.2.1. invalidate all operations, not returned to the client all the deposits and bets made in concert with other clients;

15.2.2. demand the return of all winnings, bonuses and cash received as a result of collusion. The client is obliged to return them on our first demand.

15.3. The following activities are strictly prohibited, such behavior would be seen as a direct violation of the Agreement:

15.3.1. transmission of information to a third party;

15.3.2. illegal acts: fraud, the use of malware, bots and bugs in the software web-site;

15.3.3. fraudulent acts constituting use of stolen, cloned or otherwise illegally obtained data credit or debit card account to replenish;

15.3.4. involvement in criminal activities, money laundering and other activities, participation in which may entail criminal liability;

15.4. We have the right to suspend, cancel or revoke payment or winnings associated with the bonus funds in the event that a suspicion will have that client intentionally abusing them.

15.5. The company will take all the valid and legally permitted ways to eliminate and identify fraudulent collusion and direct participants, as well as against those persons appropriate measures will be taken without fail. We are not responsible for any loss or damage, the client receives as a result of fraud.

15.6. Customers are required to immediately notify us if they have any doubts about the fact that a client is in collusion or carries out fraudulent activities. You can contact us by accessing the web site customer support online chat or make a phone call - 8 (800) 301-77-89 (round).

15.7. We have the right, without prior notice to the client access to Internet sites and block their accounts, if they are suspected of fraudulent activity. In such cases, we are not responsible for return and compensation funds available in the accounts of clients. In addition, we have the right to notify law enforcement agencies of illegal activities. Customers are required to cooperate fully with us in the investigation of such cases.

15.8. Clients are prohibited from using services and software Web site to commit any fraud, illegal acts and transactions in accordance with the laws of a particular jurisdiction. If it is installed, or revealed the commission of such acts by the Client, the Company may suspend or block the Customer's account and keep the funds available to it. In such cases, the customer has no right to bring the Company any claims.

16. Other prohibited activities on the site
16.1. The website may not use aggressive or offensive communication style, profanity, threats and use any violence towards staff and other clients of the company. When non-compliance with the rules of the Player of the item, the Company may terminate the conversation with that player or leave the incoming application without consideration.

16.2. It is forbidden to upload to the Web site information to the extent that can cause malfunction of the Website, and to take any other actions that may affect the operation of the resource. In this case, refers to viruses, malware, and spam mass mailing - all of the above is strictly prohibited. In addition, the customer may not remove, modify, and edit the information posted on the website.

16.3. Customers can use the Internet site solely for entertainment purposes. It is forbidden to copy the Web site in whole or any parts thereof without the written consent of the Company.

16.4. Clients promise not to perform any act aimed at breaking into the security system of Internet site to obtain unauthorized access to private data or DDoS-attacks. In relation to clients, suspected of violating this rule will apply appropriate measures: a total ban on access to the Internet site and blocking the account. In addition, we have the right to notify the responsible authorities about the illegal actions of the Client.

16.5. We are not responsible for any loss or damage which may be incurred by our customers or third parties as a result of technical errors, provoked by virus attacks or other malicious actions, aimed at Internet site.

16.6. It is strictly forbidden to transfer and sell the accounts of one client to another.

17. Changes to the site
17.1. We have the right at any time in its sole discretion, to amend or supplement the services offered on the website to support and upgrade the resource.


18. System Errors
18.1. If the game fails in the Internet site, the Company will try to rectify the situation as soon as possible. We are not responsible for any defects in the means of information technology, resulting from the work equipment used by clients to access the Web site, as well as for failures of Internet service providers.

19. Errors and omissions
19.1. We have the right to limit or cancel any bets.

19.2. If the client used the funds received to his account by mistake to the placing of bets and participation in the game, we may cancel such bets and any winnings generated through them. If such rates has made the payment of funds, then these amounts should be considered handed over to customers in asset management, customer must return them at our first request.

19.3. The Company and the service providers are not liable for damages, including loss of winnings, which occurred as a result of errors on the part of the Client or from our side.

19.4. The Company, its distributors, affiliates, licensees, subsidiaries, as well as employees and managers shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused due to the interception or misuse of transmitted information via the Internet.


20. Limitation of our liability
20.1. The client alone decides to use the services website, and any actions and their consequences are the result of personal choice of the Client made at its discretion at your own risk.

20.2. Jobs Internet site is carried out in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. We do not provide any additional warranties or representations with respect to the Website and the services offered on it, and it exclude its liability (to the extent permitted by law) in respect of all the available means of guarantees.

20.3. We are not responsible for the offense, negligence, loss, damage and loss that we can not foresee at the moment.

20.4. The Company is not responsible for the content of resources, access to which can be obtained through the web site.

21. Violation of conditions
21.1. The client agrees to fully indemnify, defend and protect the interests of the Company, its partners, officers and directors from any claims, liabilities, costs, losses and expenses incurred by reason of:

21.1.1. Customer Agreement terms violation;

21.1.2. your breach of the laws and the rights of third parties;

21.1.3. obtaining access to the Site any other person identification data using the Client with its permission or without it, or;

21.1.4. assign winnings obtained in this way.

21.2. If the Customer violates the terms of the Agreement, we have the right to:

21.2.1. notify the Client that his actions violates the terms of the Agreement, and to demand the immediate cessation of prohibited activities;

21.2.2. temporarily suspend the Customer's account;

21.2.3. to block the Customer's account without prior notice;

21.2.4. to recover from the Customer's account for the disbursement of winnings or bonuses acquired through violations.

21.3. We have the right to cancel the user name and password of the Client in the event of non-compliance with any of them points of the Agreement.

22. The rights to intellectual property
22.1. All contents of the Internet site are protected by copyright and other proprietary rights owned by the Company. All downloaded and printed materials that are present on the website may only be downloaded to a single computer. Print these materials is permitted only for personal and non-commercial use.

22.2. Use of an Internet site does not give the Customer any rights to the intellectual property owned by the Company or a third party.

22.3. Any use or reproduction of the trade mark, trade marks, logos and other promotional materials on the Web site, without the consent of their respective companies.

22.4. The client will be liable for any damages, costs or expenses incurred as a result of the commission of the prohibited activity. Users must immediately notify the Company if they become aware of the commission of any prohibited activities, and to provide all necessary assistance in the investigation, which the Company may hold in view of the information provided.

23. The personal data of Clients
23.1. We must comply with the requirements for protection of personal data in the form in which the Company uses personal information collected as a result of a user visit to the website. The company with the utmost seriousness refers to the obligations of the processing of personal data of our customers. The company processes the personal information provided by the client in full compliance with privacy policies.

23.2. By providing personal data, the customer agrees with the fact that the Company has the right to process personal data for the purposes specified in the Agreement or to comply with regulatory and legal obligations.

23.3. In accordance with the privacy policy, we will not disclose or transfer the personal data of our customers to third parties, except for employees and acquiring providers, which are necessary, can use it only for better service delivery.

23.4. We keep copies of all correspondence received from the client to accurately record all the information.

24. The use of «Cookie» files on the Internet site
24.1. We use files «cookie» to ensure the functionality of the web site. in «Cookie» - this is a special small text files that are stored on a user's computer when you visit a Web site, with its help, we can re-learn the specific user when you visit the Site. For more information about monitoring and deleting files «cookie» can be found at: ( Note that deleting our files «cookie» may cause blocking access to certain parts and functions of the web site.


25. Complaints and notifications
25.1. If you have any complaints or claims regarding the work of the Internet site, first of all, should promptly submit its claim in customer service in the online chat through the website of the Company (tel clock Support Company -. 8 (800) 301-77-89 ) or e-mail us - [email protected]

25.2. The customer agrees that the dispute entry stored on the server, can be used as evidence in considering claims.


26. Settlement of disputes
 26.1. Игрок может оспаривать любые ситуации. Компания всесторонне и объективно рассматривает все спорные моменты, в случае предоставления конкретной информации – фактов и доводов. Спорную информацию, с приложением фактов и доводов, необходимо предоставить в письменном виде в режиме онлайн чата через Интернет-сайт Компании (тел. круглосуточной поддержки Компании – 8(800)301-77-89) или на электронный адрес службы поддержки Компании - [email protected] 14 days of receiving the complaint letters or suggestions will be considered, and the Customer will be notified of the result of the consideration in the response letter. If necessary, carry out additional checks, the Company may extend the term of consideration of the application up to 30 days from the date of its receipt. It is forbidden to use in the text of the letter profanity, insults and any type of false information.

27. Force Majeure
27.1. The Company is not responsible for delay or failure to comply with obligations referred to in the Agreement, in the event that they are caused by force majeure, under which it is understood natural disasters, war, civil unrest, industrial disputes, interruptions in public utility networks, DDoS-attacks, or other attacks on the Internet that can have a negative impact on the work of the Internet site.

27.2. During the period of force majeure related to Internet site is considered to be suspended and for this period by the commitment postponement. The Company will use all means at its disposal to find solutions that fully meet their obligations to clients, up to the end of the force majeure.


28. Disclaimer
28.1. If we can not enforce the Customer of any of its obligations, or we are unable to use any of the remedies to which we have a right, it should not be construed as a waiver of the legal remedies of data or as the cause, release the Client from its obligations.


29. Severability
29.1. If any of the points of agreement suddenly becomes invalid, illegitimate or lost legal force, this provision will be separated from the rest of the agreement, which fully retains its validity. In such cases, the part deemed invalid will be changed according to the updated standards.

30. Links
30.1. The website may contain links to other sites that are beyond our control. We are not responsible for the content of other sites, the acts or omissions of their respective owners and for the content of third party advertising and sponsorship. Hyperlinks to other websites are provided for informational purposes only. Customers use them at your own risk.

31. Bonus shares
31.1. Increased wager (roleplaying) installed only on cash bonuses and applies only to the amount of the bonus. If the bonus is a percentage of the deposit - the wager apply to interest payments. wager amount depends on the ongoing bonus promotions and established websites.

31.2. Withdraw cash bonus can only be subject to the full wagering.

When calculating cash bonuses for signing up, or in other cases, when receiving the bonus from the Client is not required to make funds on the balance sheet, the withdrawal of the bonus calculation is not possible until the first deposit.